Principal’s Desk

“One child, one Teacher, one Pen and one book can change the World”- Malala Yousafzai


Welcome to Montfort School at Chinnakanal.

Montfort school is located in the high range of munnar in Idukki District-Kerala, South India. Chinnakanal is located 17 km away from Munnar town on the way to Theni-Tamilnadu. It is lying at 1600mts above sea level, Munnar is amongst the most sought out travel destinations in the world. It is a proper tourist hub with resorts and activities that have attracted visitors for decades. Its overall view, including the tea plantations, beautifully designed towns, rare flora and fauna, massive peaks and dams, make it the perfect destination for an extended vacation as well. The unique sight of the Neelakurinji flower that appears once in every 12 years makes it hard to pass over this place at any cost. Montfort school is surrounded by beautiful tea plantations and scenic atmosphere with eye-catching water falls everywhere. There located behind the school a beautiful picnic spot called KOLUKKUMALAI known for sunrise. The school is blessed with experienced staff catering to the need of the students in all aspects.


‘’Every child is a book and we have to understand every page of it”.- Montfort establishment managed by Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, an educational and charitable society, well versed in Educational Apostolate, a striking transformation in educating and sculpting the minds of young people in India. In their passion and zeal for excellence, they have established their institutions which are widely spread over the World in 33 countries. The Society began its Educational mission in India in 1903, and now spread to the length and breadth of our mother land serving in the field of Education almost in 24 states through 175 reputed Educational Institutions. Montfort aims at holistic Education which covers an all-round development of the child. Montfort has been creating great leaders, film actors, Doctors, Engineers, Administrators etc in the society. Montfort established a branded name for imparting quality and value education in and around the world. The students are taught through activities and the freedom of thinking is developed in the child.

 The school lets the students to take responsibilities for their memory. Be particular about what stays in there. As life speeds by, make the good things the permanent fixtures in their memory. Every good things in the world, including you, was at one time only a dream. All the great people in the world have dreamed great dreams. Why shouldn’t you? Dreams are not impractical. They are the blueprints of the future. Nothing happens without a dream. But while you dreaming, stay wide awake and ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price of having your dreams become a reality. Are you prepared to do that? Often you can come up with a prize winning dish simply by changing one or two ingredients of a known recipe. May be that’s all you need to do in life-change some little thing you are doing. That one change will affect everything else for the better and Make you a winner. Try a recipe for home, a recipe for work, a recipe for study, a recipe for managing your time, a recipe for letting yourself be you.

Stay special-of course you want to be a special. Everyone does. That’s as natural as breathing and just as legitimate. You already are special. You are unique. You are one of a kind. No one in the world ever has been or ever will be exactly like you. And you are not finished. You are growing. You are in the process of becoming more and more special. The materials of life are all around you. You can use them to grow. To become more fully yourself. Your best self. Your unique self. Not someone else. Not a clone. But you. So let yourself grow. This very moment is your unrepeatable chance to become the person God created you to be. You have only one life. Time is short. Yesterday is over. Live today. Stay special by letting yourself grow. Begin now.

Montfort believes in the function of education of enhancing human qualities in an all-round way, instead of mere transmission of knowledge and skills. Therefore it offers a fully rounded and balanced education which cultivates whole-person development. Students develop a global mindset and learn to respect and tolerate all things and everyone. Students will build up a strong academic foundation and obtain internationally recognized qualifications and the school ensures a smooth transition between different key stage levels of education through to graduation. Through regular curriculum, character education, theme classes etc… we can achieve the goal of holistic education which prepares children to become pillars of society with leadership ability, confidence and integrity.

Students develop creativity, reasoning power and critical thinking skills which erect solid foundations for their lifelong learning, and acquire leadership skills, self-confidence, positive learning attitudes, self-motivation, self-management and independent decision making. The bilingual co-cultural environment nurtures students by ripening their skills and abilities to work independently and co-operatively, and developing a global mindset tolerant of all things and everyone. Montfort school prepares the students to march from Average to Awesome and from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

I conclude with the words of Martin Luther, “only a little of the first fruits of wisdom, only a few fragments of the boundless heights, breaths, and depths of truth, have I been able to gather regarding this bonding, enjoy the beginning and the best is yet to be.”

Fraternally yours,
Rev. Bro. Maria Joseph