Our Patron

(1673 - 1716)


A Great Educator of Children and Youth A Great Servant of God

Montfort is a little town in the north west of France. Louis was born to Jeane Baptist and Jeane Robert. He received his initial education on piety and service to God and to the poor from his devout parents. Montfort used to tell his Sister, “My
dear little sister, you shall be more beautiful and every one will love you, if you love God”.

At the age of nine, Louis was sent to the school, at Renne. In many ways he was different from the other young boys. His love of God and of the fellowmen was something exceptional. After the high school at Renne, he continued his studies in the seminary of St. Sulpice at Paris. He chose his vocation of untiring service to humanity as a priest and was ordained in 1700.

He worked so hard with very little concern for his own health that he died at the young age of 43, on 28th April, 1716. His life was exceptionally holy and heroic. He was canonised by Pope Pius XII on 20th July, 1947.

The Spiritual writings, Canticles and Theological Essays and sermons written by him, speak of his great zeal for the Kingdom of God. The most important among his writings are:

1. True Devotion to Mary
2. Secret of Mary
3. Love of Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom
4. Letters to the Friends of the Cross

He cherished a child – like devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. He taught this devotion to the Mother of God as the shortest and the easiest way to reach God. He identified himself with the poor who called him “The Good Father Montfort”.

He founded three congregations-one for the priests, another for the nuns and a third for the Brothers to continue his works of charity and service to the poor. Today, the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel continue to serve the needy in almost 35 countries of the world with the message of Love, service and peace through education and social action.


The first three French Montfort Brothers landed at Pondichery in 1903 at the invitation of the then Archbishop of Pondichery and started teaching at the Petit Seminary. At present there are about 600 Brothers in India and they administer about 160 Institutions in different parts of the country. Apart from academic schools and colleges, they also run schools for the differently abled, I.T.I., Boys Homes and Social Service Centers.

Montfort School Chinnakanal, was inaugurated on 15th July, 1998 to impart holistic education and to create useful citizens for the country, with high principles, culture and refinement.

Montfort School, Chinnakanal is situated in a sprawling sylvan surrounding, away from the hazels of every day environment. The School follows the CBSE Syllabus.

Going far beyond the call of duty doing more than the expected is what excellence is all about”

“To become a Champion, fight one more round.”