Suggested Menu for Lunch


Day Food Items
Monday 1. Rice, 2. Beans or Cabbage, 3. Green or ground gram or Beef or Chicken or Mutton
Tuesday 1.Rice, 2. Carrot, 3. Dhal or Egg
Wednesday 1.Rice, 2. Beetroot or Green leaves (Spinach) or Snake guard, 3. Fish or Green Gram
Thursday 1.Rice, 2. Greenleaves (Spinach) or Cauliflower, 3. Soyabeans or Fish
Friday 1.Rice, 2. Lady’s Finger or Bitter Guard, 3. Dhal (Sambar) or Egg

Healthy Tips :
1. Drink Clean Water (5-6 Glasses daily)
2. Take always Freshly cooked food and avoid the food stored in Fridge for more than two days.
3. Avoid instant noodles, Chips, Fizzy drinks and fried food items.
4. Consume less quantity of Sugar, Salt, Ice-cream, Chocolate and Non-Veg. (Fried)
5. It is good to avoid taking eatable things from Restaurant (Having it once in a week is fine)

Note: Dear Students, you are asked to bring lunch as per the menu daily to keep healthy. You will be awarded if you follow the menu daily.